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    Introducing Jivescribe

    Jivescribe has been providing high quality specialised Medical transcription services through its specifically trained team to a suite of clients around the world since 2009.

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    Medical Transcription

    We deliver accurate and timely Medical transcription at the most competitive rates with the assurance that the highest security and quality standards are applied to each transaction.

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    Mobile Dictation

    From your iPhone, record and upload dictations
    to our transcriptionists on the go!

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Who We Are

Who we are

Jivescribe has been providing high quality specialised Medical transcription services through its specifically trained team to a suite of clients around the world since 2002.

We have worked extremely hard over this time to figure out what works, and what doesn’t, to mould ourselves into a formidable partner and to be able to offer the benchmark in service quality, guaranteed turn-around times and cost effective solutions that lead the field. Our turn-around time is under 2 hours, not 24.

Like many of our competitors claim - we’re also 100% Australian owned, but we also own the company that does that work - we don’t have agency agreements or partnerships arrangements with anonymous overseas partners, the buck stops with us. And that makes a huge difference.

We regularly transcribe over 2 million lines per month, and work with the most respected names across the Imaging environment across Australia. We work 24/7/365 and can tailor a solution that suits. You will deal with two people directly. Your Typing Manager and a General Manager in Australia. You won't be placed in queues , you won't call a 1800 number , and you won't have different transcriptionists each day, you will have a team of proprietary typists who will stay on your worklists.


  • Accuracy


    With a standard 2 level editing with up to 3 level available
    we guarantee accuracy levels of between 98% -100%.

  • Integration


    Ability to interface with all RIS/Pacs and Practice Software environments

  • Pricing


    With flexible per line /audio minute charging options the Jivescribe
    service typically costs 55% - 67% below in house services.

  • Security


    All files are digitally encrypted with tiered to staff access as required,
    ensures that only authorised staff view files they are authorised to see.

  • Turnaround Time

    Guaranteed Turnaround Time

    Anywhere Between 30 mins – 24 hrs once agreed.

  • Flexible


    Use us exclusively, for peak period overflow, weekend work,
    public holidays, we can accommodate any structure.

—How To Use—

How To Use

How it works
  1. 1. We will either establish a dedicated secure connection between your practice and our offices, or you can simply log onto our web based portal.
  2. 2. Dictate as per your usual practice.
  3. 3. Our team will transcribe the voice file conforming with all predetermined parameters.
  4. 4. You will be notified automatically once the file has been successfully completed.


We know you’re busy and have report deadlines, we also know that keeping up with the work is sometimes made more challenging with staff sickness, public holiday, evening and weekend staff rostering all of which can have an impact on both the output capability of your team as well as the financial bottom line.

At Jivescribe we understand that our overall service has to be accurate, secure and fast, most importantly it also has to be cost effective. With Jivescribe, you only pay for the reports delivered, staff sickness, public holiday wage loading or staff rostering can be a thing of the past. You will pay the same single cost, for every time typed, Irrespective of when that occurs. Staff sickness, rostering or public holiday work is catered for from our pool of highly trained specialists.

We work hard to ensure that our systems and people utilise the latest technology available enabling us to provide you with an effective, consistent alternative to (or supplement to,) your existing service.


Potential issues

Frequently Asked Questions

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Jivescribe Pty Ltd
Phone: (+61 2) 8287 7300
Suite 16, 6 Meridian Place, Bella Vista 2153, NSW Australia


329 Tah Ching Road 02-94
Singapore 610329


Tel: 63 (2) 535 7378
+63 (2) 535 7379
Level 46, Summit One Tower
530 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong

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